I'll start with level 20-25 weapons and post more when I get the time.

Staff for a level 20-25 Tech Mage:
NightMare Staff
Although this is very frightning, this weapon has 16 statistic modifiers and 28 energy damage! At level 20, having this many on just a primary can be the difference between Winning or Losing. It has decent damage as well as it's great statistic modifiers, worth getting.
Wrist Blades for a level 20-25 Bounty Hunter: Acolyte Blades

These not only look cool but are powerful for any build. With 19 statistic modifiers and 27 energy damage, this is the weapon to have level 20s, it's a bit expensive for most level 20 but is well worth saving for. Before they had their statistic modifiers rearranged, I used them as a young Bounty Hunter.
Clubs for a level 20-25 Mercenary:

Coming in first in Clubs again, this weapon has been upgraded and now does a nice 25 damage and 21 statistic modifiers, support builds with this weapon are highly recommended, it also is very cheap compared to the other two and widely popular in the past and now among young mercenaries.

The best place to sell your stuff is Mirv. He buys all your stuff back for at least half of what you paid for it. The cheapest place to buy boosters are Mirv and the bots near Thalia and Serverton 3000. Mirv sells the cheapest stuff and buys them back for the highest price you can get. He is the best place to buy and sell stuff so remember to always go to him to sell something.  
Caden's Wrath is amazing. It has +22 damage. It has 7 enhancement slots.
But the best thing about it is that it has +24 technology as a stat modifier! 
The level required to use it at max power is lv.28. To equip it you need at least; 37 strength and 31 dexterity. It is at 8000 credits and you can buy it from Caden in the mine tower. I recommend it to lv.28-30 tech mages.

Mjolnir only has +20 damage but it has 6 enhancement slots. Its stat modifiers are the things that make it good. It has +5 dexterity, +10 technology and +10 support. To use it max power you will need to be lv.23. The stats required are; 30 technology and 33 support. You can purchase it from Mirv (Barren's Outpost) at 2210 credits. I recommend it to lv.23-30 mercs.

Omega blades 2 has +22 damage and 6 enhancement slots. Like the other 2 weapons, it is on the list because of its stat modifiers. The stat modifiers are; +8 dexterity and +8 technology. You have to have; 28 strength and 34 technology. The level required for maximum power is lv.22. You can buy it from Thalia and from Mirv for 2300 credits. I recommend it for lv.22-28 bounty hunters, then getting something better after that.

 Winning battles in Epic Duel can be easy and it can be hard. This all depends on many factors. From your current level, battle stats, and skill tree combination, to the battle type, opponent stats, strategy, and luck. Even the timing of starting a new battle could mean the difference between fighting a level 20 noob or a level 30 pro.

The average player, a non-varium user, will win only 2 of 3 battles with other players in his league. The statistics are even worse when facing a higher level player, Now that you know who to fight, you need to know when to fight.

Epic Duel only allow you to challenge a computer character 5 times per hour, and only 15 total computer fights per hour. I've found that it's best to start around 40 minutes after the hour (i.e. 10:40am). This will give you 20 minutes to engage in 15 battles with at least 3 different characters. At 11:01am, you can battle those same characters again. That's another 15 battles. If you win them all, that would be 30 wins in about 35-40 minutes.

                                -All Credit goes to Overlord Drekon, http://kingdrekon.blogspot.com/



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