Now everyone sees Tech Mages as dexterity and technology abusers. I'm going to say f*** up to that and compete with Blood Mages Strength build.
This build consists of good dexterity to block Bezerkers and other bludgeons while dealing out high damage. 
It also heal loops, for those that don't know it means when reroute/assimilation takes back energy you should have enough to heal multiple times. 

Your main is your energy damage source, while your gu
The malfunction is to use up enemy turns while they Assault Bot special themselves. All caster spells (Plasma Bolt, Plasama Rain, Overload) are NOT used, they are fairly weak .

This build is for 1v1 and has a lot of potential, I am hoping to change a few statistics and make a more versatile one, this ones just not great for tanks LMAO.

A few of you have noticed my recent change, from Bounty hunter to Cyber hunter.
Overall, Bounty Hunter is just as good as Cyber hunter, almost better :L
So is got a a request from someone saying Cyber hunter is *h*t, and really needed a build.for a level 30, I'm currently only level 29, here is my build.
Here it is:
If you need to heal or get energy, do not waste your energy, use boosters.

MAX Shadow Arts: for better block chance. 
LVL 7 Smoke Screen: to lower their chance of hitting you / to lower defences. 
LVL 5 Blood Lust: to stay 'in the game'. 
LVL 2 EMP Grenade: if you need to lower their win chances. 
LVL 1 Energy Shield: for those pesky Techmage attacks. 
LVL 1 Reflex Boost: for those pesky mercenaries attacks. 
LVL 1 Cheapshot: for taking on hybrid armour. 

Health: 61 
Energy: 47 
Str: 40 +8 
Dex: 44 +18 
Tech: 47 +15 
Sup:40 +14 
Focus: Level 4 

Primary: Bunny Chompers (ENHANCED +4Tech +4Str) 
Sidearm: M12E 
Robot: Gamma Bot (Assult bot will work aswell) 
Armour: Desert Ronin PM (ENHANCED +4Str) 

1. Depends on type: a.Techmage. b.Mercenaries or Bounty Hunters. 
1a. Use Energy sheild. 
1b. Use Reflex Boost. 

2. Use Smokescreen. 

3. Use Gamma Bot, Physical Attack. 

4. Use cheapshot 
4a. If they are a noob and have weak resistance, Use Special Attack instead. 
(If they're still not dead) 
5. Strike. Strike!. STRIKE!?! 

A good tech mage build would be;

max plasma bolt, 9 overload, 1 bludgeon and 5 reroute


max plasma bolt, 1 technician, max malfunction,1 bludgeon and 3 reroute

By Togekiller101
The skill tree should have max BLOOD LUST and max SMOKE SCREEN, tell me what you think ;)

Another good one is 5 BLOOD LUST, 5 SMOKE SCREEN and max EMP GRENADE